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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you show so many DISCONTINUED Ambassador products on the site?
A: As the manufacturer, we feel it is import for our customers to still have access to the information about the products they have purchased from us over the years. Many customers use our web site as a resource to identify the model number of their product, to view parts lists and instructions guides.

Q: Can I still get parts for my DISCONTINUED item?
A: Although some parts might no longer be available, we try to keep common parts (cartridges, washers, o-rings, aerators, etc.) available even after an item has been discontinued. Contact our Product Technical Support Department for availability.

Q: My item is no longer covered under warranty, how can I get help?
A: Our 
Product Technical Support Department can most likely still help you with troubleshooting and advise on how to repair your item. Contact them to see if they can assist you.

Q: Where can I get Parts Lists and/or Installation Instructions for older generations of products?
A: The Parts List and/or Installation Instruction links displayed in the products' detail page show the most recent version of the documentation. You can find previous version of Ambassador and SHURflo products' Parts Lists and/or Installation Instructions by going to the Downloads link in the lower left corner and navigating to the appropriate page on our Downloads Site. Danze products' documentation may be availably by going to their web site at 

Q: I live/work close to your facility, can I pick-up my order instead of having it shipped?
A: No.  At this time we do not offer "Will Call" service.  Our products ship out from distribution centers throughout North America (CA, IL, TX). Some products are only available in specific distribution centers, which are not open to the public.

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